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How to apply Kt Tape for Shin Splints


How to apply Kt Tape for Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to the pain along the shin bone or tibia, which is the large bone in front of the lower leg. It plays an important role in the movement of foot and toes. Medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome, it is quite common in runners, dancers and even military recruits. While pain along the inside edge of the lower leg refers to posterior shin splint and if pain exists on the front of the lower leg it is known as anterior shin splint. For this learn how to use kt tape for Shin Splints.

Shin splints exercise-related problem and are caused due to overuse while running, jogging or cycling. Apart from that, any new activity, changing running surface or activity on hard surfaces can also cause shin splints. Wearing poorly fit shoes or running on uneven surfaces can also lead to development of shin splints.

Standard treatment for Shin splint includes several weeks of rest, use of ice packs several times a day, progressive exercise and wearing a compression tape. KT tape helps reduce pressure and strain on the affected tissue and also relaxes the muscle of the shin. It also prevents additional swelling and speeds up the recovery. We have outlined the step-by-step procedure how to wrap Kt tape for shin splints, take a look.

STEP 1- For the application of KT tape you will need to place your toes away from your shin. Take the first full strip, twist and tear the paper backing to create an anchor for the application. Place the logo end of the tape at the lower end of your leg and lay the strip right over the point of pain with a 50% stretch. Rub the strip well to allow the tape to adhere properly to the skin.

STEP 2- Take the second KT tape strip, fold it in half and cut rounded corners at the folded end of the tape. Take one of the strips, twist and tear the backing paper to create an anchor and apply the tape horizontally right over the point of pain. Stretch the strip up to 80% and lay it down.

STEP 3- Take the next strip and tear paper backing at the end of the tape to create an anchor point. Place this strip just below the point of pain horizontally. Again, stretch the tape to 80% and lay it down after peeling the backing paper. Give the whole thing a good rub so that the KT tape sticks well to the skin.

Note: Clean the skin properly before the application of KT tape in order to remove skin oils or any previously applied lotion. This will allow the KT tape to stick properly and stay longer.

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