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How to use KT Tape for Calf Muscle


How to use KT Tape for Calf Muscle

Calf muscle is located at the back of the lower leg, below the knee. It is actually made up of two muscles, the gastrocnemius, which is the larger muscle and is often visible on the back of the leg and the soleus, which is a smaller and wider muscle lower down on the leg. Calf muscles pull the heel up to allow forward movement as we walk, run or jump. In the article we will explain you How to use KT tape for calf muscle in detail.

Extreme stretching, overuse, abrupt acceleration or any other type of forceful or uncoordinated movement can lead to pain in the calf muscles. It is caused due to a tear in the calf muscle, cramping or muscle pull. Calf strains are common among runners, athletes, gymnasts and dancers. The resulting pain from a calf injury or strain can be really severe at times. KT tape for calf muscle helps in preventing these pains and injuries.

Appropriate rest, use of ice packs and use of KT tape can help treat the injury. Kt tape calf offers support to the injured soft tissue also keeps the blood form pooling in at the foot. It helps the muscle to relax, relieves pain and speeds up recovery.

Below we have outlined the step-by-step application of KT tape in order to treat calf injury. Take a look.

STEP 1- Place you calf muscle on full stretch and take the first KT tape strip for application. Twist and tear the paper backing to create an anchor and place the strip down near the Achilles tendon. Peel the rest of the paper backing off, leaving a little piece at the end for you to hold on to. Now, stretch the tape to 25% and lay the strip down on the back of the leg. Rub the strip nicely to make sure that the tape is properly adhered to the skin.

STEP 2- Take another full strip of KT tape, twist and tear the paper backing to create an anchor point for application. Place the strip again just at you Achilles tendon and peel off the rest of the paper backing. Again stretch the tape to 25% and lay it down towards the right side of your leg. Give the tape a good friction rub, which creates heat and allows the adhesive to stick properly.

Note: Clean the skin thoroughly before application to remove any lotion or skin oil used previously. Also, shave or trim the hair from the affected area to make the tape stick better and stay longer.

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