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How to Wrap a Hamstring with Kt Tape


How to Wrap a Hamstring with Kt Tape

Hamstring is one of the three posteriors thigh muscles, which spans from the buttocks to the calves. Hamstring along with the three other back thigh muscles; semitendinosus, semimembranosus, biceps femoris long & short head, enable us to flex our knees and extend or straighten the hip. It is a crucial muscle, which is used in most of our daily activities including walking. To avoid further injury knowhow to tape hamstring with kt tape.

Unfortunately, Hamstrings strains are quite common especially among athletes. Activities that involve a lot of running and jumping or starting and stopping usually cause a Hamstring strain, which can be agonizingly painful. A hamstring strain involves micro-tears in the muscles, cramping, and tightness leading to pain.

KT Tape, combined with other recommended treatments can help treat a hamstring strain effectively. It enables the injured muscle to relax, provides support and increases circulation to the affected area for relief. Below, we have outlined step-by-step application of KT tape for hamstring pain relief. Take a look.

STEP 1 First you need to lean forward in order to stretch the back of your thigh for proper application.

STEP 2 Take the first strip of KT Tape, twist and tear the paper backing to create an anchor. Now start the application on the inside part, just above the knee with absolutely no stretch on the tape. Peel the rest of the paper backing while leaving a little bit of paper at the end to hold the tape. Stretch the tape up to 25% and lay it down gently on the skin. Once applied, give the tape a good rub to make the tape stick properly.

STEP 3 Take the second strip of KT Tape and repeat the same procedure. You need to apply the second strip right besides the first one, with a little space between the two strips. Apply the strip with the same technique that you followed for the first one. Give the tape good frictions rub after the application so that it adheres well to the skin.


  • Clean the skin thoroughly before application to remove any lotion or skin oil used previously.

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